The walk……

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Hi folks, for nearly a year I have been trying to set up a blog, mainly as I wanted to blog about two of the biggest changes that was about to happen to me. Being 40 something, and living in a town that is fast being a suburb of London, I was about to get married (for the first time) and move to the rural Dorset coast. I didn’t move to what I call fairyland until my wedding week, and to add to the excitement I had never lived with my now husband, very traditional.

I wanted to blog about how different my life had become since taking these two huge steps. So what stopped me you may ask? One of things I had to get used to in fairyland is there is no, and yes I really mean no mobile signal in the village I live. On top of that, it took over six months to have the phone and internet installed. Now I have to admit I could and can cope without a mobile signal, but it was a hard push to live without the internet. Even with all its evils.

So why now have I finally set up a WordPress site, and started to blog?

On one of my weekend trips down to see future hubby, we came across a notice board along part of the South west coastal path, which stated the path was the longest unbroken nature trail in the UK. I made an offhand comment “Wouldn’t it be good to walk the whole path” Nicks response at the time was “yep, we should do it”. I meant it, and he didn’t!

Move forward two years  we are married not quite a year, getting used to life in fairyland, and we are about to go off to  walk the whole 630 miles of the South west coastal path, no that isn’t a typo, I did tap in 6-3-0. We believe this will take us eight weeks, and will be camping along the way. We are hoping to raise some money for two charities (we are self-funding the trip), and blogging as we go.

I hope this site will be entertaining, especially as hubby and I will both be blogging on here with a promise we won’t read each other’s posts. Should be interesting to read the blogs of the same trip, but from very different points of view. I hope you will follow  us on this once in a lifetime walk………


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