The finish….

This is the finish point at Studland, or the start point if going from Poole to Minehead.

The finish?  you may be asking yourselves, how can that be? We only post 48 hours ago we were doing the walk, so how could we have finished, not possible. Simple answer we haven’t, in fact not yet set off. So why were we at the finish point (or the start point if going Poole to Minehead). We live in a small village just off the South West coastal path in Swanage, and from there to the finish point is only around 15 miles. Now please remember hubby before becoming hubby agreed to do the walk thinking I would forget about it, he really doesn’t want to do the walk, which I know he will make very clear when he starts adding to this site! Anyway once he realised not only had I not forgotten, but really did mean to do it. The main comment I received was “If you think I’m walking over 600 miles pass my local pub just to finish, think again” so I did. I thought we could do a training walk carrying all our stuff, and of course I want to complete the whole path. Yesterday we set off to do the last 15 miles first, with loaded backpacks. We were blessed with the weather, I even have a small patch of sunburn. We walked over 31,000 steps, and found out how long Studland beach actually is, it seem to go on forever. The beach was packed with families, dogs running in and out of the sea returning balls, children building sand castles, and most enjoying the first picnic of the year. A part of Studland beach has a section for naturists, most seem to stay within the sand dunes and were popping up like meerkats. Anyway on with the walk, I have to be honest the last three miles were hard on us both. The backpacks were getting heavier along with our legs. Glad of our bed last night. However this morning I know I’m ready to walk the 615 miles we have left…….


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