The serious bit….

Firstly thank you to all that have already started to read and follow this blog (hubby will be joining in once on the walk). Just before we set off tomorrow morning I thought I would let you know about the three charities we are hoping to raise a few pennies for, and a BIG thank you to those who have already donated.

For friends and family that know me well will understand why the choices, Child Bereavement UK is my first choice. Our family has sadly been hit with a number of tragic sudden deaths, including my sister-in-law to cancer aged only 39, and leaving four children behind the youngest three years old at the time, and only has memories of his mummy ill. My 12 year niece Hannah was killed simply walking to school one Monday morning by two ‘boy racers’, she was actually on the pavement, they on the wrong side of the road. At the time her sister was ten and brother only eight. Both these deaths, along with a number of others didn’t just rob childhood innocents of the children directly involved, but was felt widely with many young cousins, godchildren and friends most under the age of ten. Sadly for the children directly involved time hasn’t been a healer, in fact many of them are suffering more now than at the time. I believe sometimes in our adult grief we forget the grief of the children.

British Heart Foundation is hubby’s first choice, a few years ago he had a problem with his ticker, that thankfully he made a full recover. He feels that maybe at the time he didn’t thank the doctors and nurses enough. Raising funds via the walk is his way of putting that right. Also my father died suddenly of a heart attack at only 59 years old, one of the deaths I mention above that the children had to deal with too. It is also fitting to help this charity as one thing most of us can do to keep our hearts healthy, is to walk.

The third choice was a jointed one with The Sussex Cancer Fund. We have two friends that are connected to us from when we first meet 26 years old. One has been fighting breast cancer, but continues to build her art business and paint wonderful unique paintings. The other has been fighting  a brain tumour. Not only is she unbelievably brave to simply carry on with life bring up her family, and keeping her husband in order, but even with all her pain she puts herself forward for research in the hope it will prevent more people having to go through what she does every single day. I’m sure every single one of you that has just read this piece has been touched by cancer at some point in your life.

If you would like to donate please go to




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