This is bloody hard…..

Ok we set off at 9am on Tuesday morning, and as hubby was still commenting on why are we doing this,  I thought I would give the walk a positive start, and went charging up the first part out of Minehead which is a steep hill. So up I went with hubby behind. Within 15 minutes my heart was racing  so fast that I nearly blackout. I couldn’t catch my breath and had to stop. Not a great start especially as hubby is already worried if I would be able to physically to do this walk. Also a little embarrassing as a couple in their 60’s stroll past us.  After sorting myself out, and hubby telling me this isn’t a race and we are not trying to break any records, so just take it easy, which I have since. The weather was on our side and managed to reach an odd little place called Porlock Weir, odd because there was so many places to eat, but didn’t look like anyone actually  lived there. We set off after a drink in the pub, as we needed to find some where to pitch up our very small two man tent. The path took us along the cliff top through some woods, came across a number of pretty water falls of fresh spring water, running down moss covered stones. We found a small laid back area right on the path and thought we would pitch up here as near one of the streams for water to cook with. All was going well until we got the cooking stove and gas out to heat our supper of cup’o’soup and baked beans, but the new gas bottle wouldn’t work. With 6 miles to the next village plus 7 pm in the evening, we went to bed on honey in water, and a banana.

Next morning it was cold and with no gas we had our last two bananas left for breakfast, packed up and set off. First around Sugar loaf hill, which believe me was anything but sweet. With still four miles to go it started to rain, and wind took up speed not fun on a cliff path. We had been walking four hours and had last eaten a meal Tuesday morning, it was now Wednesday midday. On the path it gave a village just two miles away instead of the place we needed four miles away. Soaked and chilled to the bone we walked the two miles to the nearest village pub. Thankfully they had a fire burning, and we ordered the home made vegetable soup. I didn’t ask if it had leeks which don’t agree with me. While eating I began to feel unwell, which I put down to lack of food, the walk and being wet and cold. When hubby asked if I was feeling ok, the answer was no, and a very quick visit to the ladies where the leeks left quicker than they arrived. Hubby finished off my soup and I checked with the kitchen about the leeks, which were in the soup. My fault for not checking, time was getting on and we had to get to the next town to get the gas for our second night. Off we set to Lynton….


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