Husband is here

This is my first blog. I somehow wish it was a more exciting thing I going to tell you all about. As you must know we, my sweetness and me are walking. It does not really matter where as it is a loathsum sort of exercise. As for all my friends who said ‘Your so lucky I wish I could do that’ what they meant was ‘Rather you than me Idiot’. Hay Ho we are here now. Fortunatly my good friend Derek made a command decision on Monday as it was raining to start Tuesday. This only posponed the agony a day but it was worth it.  Tuesday morning food then set off. Fifteen minutes into it and Caroline has a whitey!! This is going tobe fun. Anyway she recovered. We walked the rest of that day and the next and the next and the next and the next. That has got us to Woolacombe. My little lovely is doing very well,slow uphill,slow downhill but nice and steady on the flat. To be honest the weather is not so good and the sleeping conditions probably would not suit her blonde friends to say the least.I am pretty proud of her at the moment, we are in a pub though? I was planning on doing a pub guide for the trip, 2 things,not enough money and not enough time.However if you ever happen tobe in Ilfracombe then the Ship and Pilot down by the quay is the only place. No food, chip shop next door but 30 different ciders at 3’25 a pint. I will have another go at this thing soon


One thought on “Husband is here

  1. Jerry Edey

    The Ship and Pilot with 30 different ciders at £3.25 a pint ! That is the sort of discovery that keeps you on track I should think. Fitness and weather will improve to make the walking easier but I really admire what you are both doing. I will check out your charity donation page sometime soon but in the meantime wish you good luck and keep up the good work; slog though it may be at times

    All the best


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