1 down, 7 to go…..

Yiphee, we’ve made a whole week, even with all its ups and downs (and that’s not just the hills). To much has happened to blog about, but I am keeping a diary too. We’ve mainly had rain, wind, showers, high wind, little sun and more wind. Up until Saturday we had hill, upon hill, upon hill with a thunderstorm on its way. So in Woolacombe we booked into a room only (we had promised ourselves if thunderstorms sod the tent) also we were knackered and smelly. So able to wash clothes in the bathroom sink, have a shower and maybe a full nights sleep, which we haven’t had since last Monday night. Sleeping on stones, slopes and hearing either the sea or the wind whirling around us, plus the dawn chorus at around 5.30am kind of stops a decent nights kip. Sunday although windy was bright and dry, off we set, (hubby still grumpy even after a good night). Once over the first hill at Baggy point and down the other side into surfing dude territory, the rest of the walk was flat and was going very well, until a huge black cloud blow our way as we were walking along a waterbreak, which was only a meter wide, the Estuary one side and wetlands the other. We had no cover and was at least 2 miles from anyway to stop. The rain hit hard as did the sand being blown up by the wind, still on the positive I did get a free facial.

We did stop at a campsite, it’s hard to find a site to pitch up in an urban area. The wind went on all night, then in the early morning suddenly stopped, or I finally fell asleep. Monday bright and sunny, and no wind. Todays walk was mainly along a tarmac route over what was the old railway line, which seem to go on for ever. This wasn’t a great part of the walk as we came in to Instow the tide was out. We had to walk all the way along one side of the Estuary, just to walk over the bridge and all the way back up the other to get back to point B. Once back on the SWC path running along the sea in Appledore the distance across the Estuary from where we had started was only about half mile across, but had taken us two and half hours to walk around the Estuary. I have to say not a great part of the walk as all on tarmac and mostly urban. Believe me after a week of hearing no real traffic walking across the busy bridge the noise seems deafening.

We brought some bits for dinner and breakfast, then found ourselves a nice looking spot in the back of a field surrounded by young trees, (the photo is the view this morning from the tent). We did over 32 miles in the last two days, and mostly on very hard ground, my ankles are quite red and swollen, which may also be due to my walking style. As someone once said ‘You’re not Twinkle toes are you’…


One thought on “1 down, 7 to go…..

  1. Jerry Edey

    Hi Caroline and Nick

    Enjoying your blogs but feeling for you both re uncomfortableness ! You will really appreciate the comforts of home when you have finished. Keep up the good work. You will probably learn a lot about yourselves on this expedition.

    Best wishes


    Sent from my iPad


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