One Step Closer To Home

well we’ve done the first map of five that it takes todo this. The vital stats are 311,956 steps, 124 miles and the total hight climbed so far is 23,418 feet. The weather has been, a polite way to put it is incleament, feking cold is what i would say. The sea is still on the right. The sceinery has changed a bit, I suppose it is pretty amazing. My girl is doing really well, better than I thought thats forsure. I will try to make her walk faster by the end of this though. If I’ve got todo this surely it’s fare we end up walking at the same speed? I don’t want to sing from the hymn book or even be on the same page, definately not. This is just one of Caroline’s little pages. We were strolling along by the sea, surprisingly enough, when we saw a shed with a slope down to the water. ‘That’s a funny place for a garage’ said my lovely. ‘A boat house maybe my sweet’ said I.’OH Yeah’was her reply. Slightly beyond belief I know but hey ho different worlds. It might not make you chuckle but it does me.


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