Out of North Devon, the hard way…

What a day yesterday was, we had the hardest part of the walk to do (I’ll confirm once home if it was the hardest). First we camped out in a field, and not the most peaceful night, rain and wind again. Also we were low on supplies, the only shop we had come across the day before had shut just as we got to it. For this mammoth walk we had half a fruit loaf, cheese and ham for breakfast, leaving us just 2 bananas, 2 apples, 2 pieces of fruit cake and a twix. The walk would take us over 8 hours, over 10 hills and we would climb over 4,000 feet. We had the threat of rain clouds above, off we set knowing some people take two days to do this part of the walk. In summary of the hills, most were so steep that you just looked up and down and thought how on earth do you get up there. Of course like the whole path it is well sign posted on which path to take. Between being very narrow that you could only get one foot in front of each other, to paths full of jagged loose stones that slipped under foot. Some you were walking so close to the cliff edge, that with one slip you would be a goner. Hubby was not enjoying this part of the walk (I wasn’t either) mainly because I am very slow going up and down, plus it just went on forever.  There were a number of landslides that looked recent too. But I was going to finish this in one day no matter what. The other thing to note about this part of the path there is no PC, or refreshment places at all. Our aim was to reach Bude for the night, I’m pleased to say we did. This part is not for the faint hearted, and if you are only do parts of the walk, I would miss it out. The only plus of the whole walk was it didn’t rain, that came in the night with the wind again.  At least we are now well and truly in Cornwall.


One thought on “Out of North Devon, the hard way…

  1. Jerry Edey

    You’re heroes ! Definitely character building. I almost feel guilty flying off to sunny Spain for food, booze and siestas next Wednesday ! I will be thinking of you !

    Keep up the good work.


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