Our first wedding anniversary!

OK last post from me was about the hardest day walking over 10 hills etc, we have since had the hardest night on Saturday. It was unbelievably cold in the tent, to the point we slept fully clothed including coats and hats, and still was soooo cold. We didn’t get much sleep either, then in the morning there was so much morning dew that everything felt damp. We set off thinking we would get to about a mile out of Boscastle (yep, the tiny village that was nearly washed away by floods in 2004, worth a visit if you’re this way). One good thing about Sunday it did warm up, but the hills, oh my the hills. Not as many as on Friday, but higher and in some places seemed more steep. One was the highest cliff in all of Cornwall, great all we needed after little sleep, but on the bright side it did warm us up. With Boscastle in view we started to look for somewhere to pitch up of the night. We kept walking, but couldn’t find a piece of flat ground just to pitch our tiny tent. We ended up walking right into the village, still nothing and it was now 7.30pm, too late to keep looking the other side of the village. Then I saw it, the Youth Hostle building.  We had no choice. As we entered other gentleman in his 60s was standing there just as knackered as us (we had walking over 11 miles up and down). There was a room at the hostle for us, hooray.  As it was self catering and the local Spar was still open we managed to cook some hot food.

Fate may have played a hand in us not being able to find a pitch (a first) and brought us into the village, as today is our 1st wedding anniversary. My best girlfriends Carol and Rachel had mentioned to hubby it would be nice to spent it in a lovely hotel, to which his reply had been ‘This walk was Caroline’s idea, and besides we couldn’t afford a hotel’ and I have to say I agreed with him on both points. However we have decided to take this one day off from the walk as an anniversary gift to each other. And just for Rachel and Carol we are spending tonight in a ‘Four star’ place, as this wonderful Youth Hostle in Boscastle with its lovely manager is rated that by Visit England. We have nearly ended up with an en suite as the shared toilet and shower is right next door to our room……


6 thoughts on “Our first wedding anniversary!

  1. lyn mcdermott

    Happy Anniversary. Glad you had a night of luxury to celebrate ! So sorry the weather has been pretty rubbish for you so far – it can only get better. Keep trekking.
    With love, Lyn & Alan


  2. Jerry Edey

    Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you ! You will always remember that one !

    I am off to Spain tomorrow for 10 days and will try to continue following your blogs on my mobile if poss !

    Keep up the good walking and fingers crossed for warmer weather.

    Best wishes


    Sent from my iPad


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