Should have taken a Shewee….

I did say I would write warts and all on this trip, and I think now into our third week I have realised I should have taken a Shewee! We have been unfortunate with the weather, with many of the nights being really cold and raining. As we are mainly ‘wild’ camping there is of course the issue of lack of PC. So there you are in a tiny tent that you can only sit up in, and you’re in the woods, in an open field or on the beach. It’s the middle of the night and a thunderstorm is going nuts above your head, and you need a wee. For a guy it’s so easy you don’t even have to get out of your sleeping bag, a bottle with a cap and you’re sorted. For us girls it’s not only getting out of your sleeping bag, but out the tent as well. Also you don’t want to wee right outside (you may forget in the morning when you are crawling out). Also you need a touch and wet wipes. To add to this so far we have been sleeping fully clothed, so not a case of a quick up and down with your knickers. And oh yes I have tried a number of nights to hold on, not easy when all you can hear is water, either rain, waterfalls or the sea. Thats one issue as a female you are dealing with, the other is basic hygiene. Not easy. As we are carrying everything we had to limit what went in the backpacks, so three pairs of knickers. One on, one clean and one to be washed (when possible). and no sometimes the maths don’t work out. I haven’t washed my hair since Sunday 3rd April, but have gone pass the feeling of needing to wash it.  When it comes to washing, all I can say is wetwipes are a girls new best friend. Lucky hubby and I are in the same boat (or should say tent) so the fact we are wearing the same clothes day and night is easier to deal with. But one thing that shouldn’t have happened especially in your first year of marriage is polite flatulence has gone out the window. If only the tent did have windows……….


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