reached lands end

Steps 640,538  Ascent 49,166feet 14,968meters Distance 255miles. So we’ve reached the turning point, should really start to feel like we’re walking home. Such a shame its not halfway. However on the bright side there are only 360miles togo, ah deep joy! Anyway not much has changed, Caroline has got much better at going uphill but the downhill is still slower than a slow fish. One good thing about this is that it is probably due to her eyesight and seeming she would never have corrective surgery we will never go on such a mad caper as this again. Wahay! The weather is still far too cold for any form of comfort. We have both lost some weight. I’m wearing a belt thats about 20years old and i’ve had to make a new hole and the material of Caroline’s trousers is no longer under tension. She really is, for somebody who has never done anything like this, doing very well. Mad as a fruit cake


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