Half way point…..

We have made the half way point, and yes we thought our luck had changed with the weather. We had a day yesterday of blue sky and no cold wind. Thought hooray finally getting into May the weather is how it should be……WRONG Sunday 1st May coming out the tent and the first thing was we couldn’t see more than a few meters, couldn’t see where we had been, or where we would be walking. In fact couldn’t at this point see the sea. Within five minutes I couldn’t see much at all, as it was a mist rain that is a nightmare if you wear glasses. To add to this awful morning we also couldn’t even see a single signpost for the SWC. However we set off walking along what we believed to be a path. I can now see how people get so lost on the moors, as the only thing that helped us not going around in circles was to keep the sea on our right, even though sometimes we couldn’t see the sea, we could hear it. Yes, that bad with mist and fog we were within feet and couldn’t see a great big bloody ocean! Within half hour we were soaked to the skin, and on we walked. We knew there was a cove coming up with a cafe, and which is reported to be the most beautiful cove in Cornwall. We suddenly came across a NT car park and asked the person on the gate, how to  get to the cove and she said you’ve passed it, we didn’t see it. We finally made half way point at 4pm in a lovely village called Cadgwith. With no letting up on the weather front, and we happened to find a gem of a pub Cadgwith Cove Inn, we checked out the prices and for one night treated ourselves for getting to half way in under four weeks. The only room they had was a kids room with bunk beds, it was cheap, we took it. They had a bath, pure joy.

As the nights have still been cold we are still sleeping in all our clothes. Dirty and smelly we really needed to wash them. We walked into Penzance laundrette last Thursday and asked would the owner mind if we stripped down to just a T.Shirt and underwear to wash all our clothes. His face was a picture, then burst out laughing saying ‘As long as I can take a photo to promote my laundrette’ Of course we agreed. We had a photo with the owner in only charity T.Shirts and underwear, and he paid for the washing, bless him.

Nick knew it would be impossible to shave so hasn’t (first thing to go once home). He has kept telling me that the walk has aged him, and some comments from the people we have met confirmed that for him. A gentleman was talking to him about ‘old money’ which he said to Nick ‘You would remember what was on the back of the coins’, and turned to me said ‘Of course you’re too young to remember ‘old money’. Adding too this twice on different bad days when we had told people who have asked us what we are doing. I have had two different women look at me and say ‘Goodness you look too glamorous to have been doing all that’ Its amazing what a pair of earrings and my red lippy can do……


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