Not Too Far

Nos of Steps 1,082,574   Up and Down 81,000ish Feet   Miles Walked 434   Interesting miles walked 2 [total distance deviated from path to various pubs]                                         As you can probably tell I am still totally enthrauled with this wonderful little trip. One of the most interesting bits has been when I got the runs for a couple of days. It was very funny not because of the runny bits but the accompanying wind. It was like the largest fermentation vessel god ever created. Indeed Caroline commented that I could have done the entire Bean scean from the film Blazing Saddles single arsed. Ok moving on that was ages ago, feels like a lifetime, apart from that one medical issue and that was my fault drinking dirty ditch water.                                                                             We’ve met a fare few people on route who are doing sections but only two fools who are doing the one hit thing. Faye and Dean who separately are aiming todo it in the same time frame as us. Good luck to them. The people who do the sections seem tobe so happy. Saying things like ‘Lovely weather’,when its not and the one that really gets me ‘Enjoy the walk’, how? They are doing the same thing as us what is there to enjoy?  Another hill maybe or is it the view thats been the same for the last hour and is not significantly any different from yesterdays or I would not mind betting the one tomorrow brings  us. Oh deep joy.                                                                                                         One nice thing though. There’s this little fishing village Cadgwith that I went on holiday to when I was about seven. Well it had been a more crap day than normal that much fog you could not even see the sea or the long drop to it but you could hear it which is quite useful when your walking partner turns out tobe Mrs Magoo, rain and glasses don’t mix. We even had tears at this point. Anyway back to Cadgwith it turned out that for us it was the halfway point and luckily enough there was a pub there to celebrate at. As I said the weather was not good plus it had been a bit emotional so as the pub also did rooms Caroline suggested we see if there was one available. There was so we stayed had a nice meal a few beers all as a celebration really nice. We did get the last room at the inn so it was bunk beds but the mattress felt like it was mad in heaven and its nice to have a bit more room than none, snoring not so loud either ho ho. The worst thing about celebrating halfway is that it didn’t occur to me in the evening that there is still 315 miles togo. In the morning however, with a bit of a hangover, you wake up lying in this lovely comfy bed open your eyes and there it is the RUCKSACK your now sworn enemy always hanging off you, dragging you down. Now as you look at it it seems to get bigger its dark presence feels heavier. Then there’s the bedroll five millimeters of foam enough so you don’t feel the cold but I’m sure it makes every lump and bump twice the size. Enough of my winging up we got had breakfast and went on our merry way. Piss wet through within two hours, it started raining, Caroline getting emotional again as she thinks she slowing us down just tell not worry. Just as we get to the next village the rain stops but we still pop into a pub for a cup of tea then I have a pint 4pounds 20 now thats worth getting emotional over.                                           We’ve sped up a load I think we have reached a point that we just want to get back. Fortunately we got out of Cornwall today so only 195ish miles togo. Having a couple of easy days the last week has been pretty hard. If someone ever suggests to you doing something like this firstly agree make sure you have enough money to make a reasonable donation to the charity they choose then just before you set off drop something heavy enough on your foot to cause a limp for month is my best advice. Might be selling some camping items soon. Cheerio Nick



2 thoughts on “Not Too Far

  1. Andrea Woodstock-Jenkins

    Hello Nick and Caroline. We met at the Square and Compass just before you were due to set off. It was a lovely sunny day – dosn’t seem as if you’ve had too many of those since! Well done for persevering, not too far to go now? We have thought of you when we have done our 5 miles or so on the odd sunny Sunday!
    Best wishes for the last bit.
    Andrea and Chris


    1. Thank you so much for your message, hope you’ve read the last few blogs so know we are back, and at the moment even walking 5 miles isn’t possible, legs stopped when we stopped!
      May see you in the Square again one day.
      Best wishes
      Caroline & Nick


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