This is not a walk, it’s a climb!

When people talk about the South West Coast Path they say to walk it, that should be changed to climb it. I cannot even begin to tell you how many cliffs and hills we walk oops I meant climb every day. In fact most of the day is going up just to come back down again, to yes you’ve guessed it to go back up. It’s got to the point where my legs are refusing to work. I’m having to have little internal chats to them to get going. My left knee now will not take any weight on it. Believe it, or not although we are only around 130 miles from home, and because of putting in a few 17 mile days plus a 19 mile day, we are ahead by about a week, you would think we would be skipping along. Nope it is getting harder the closer to home we get. Not sure how that works! Maybe it’s because we have both had enough, and to be honest both totally bored with this now and are planning stuff for once home, but still two weeks too go. Also I’m missing our ‘boys’ Pins and Needles it’s their 1st birthday next week, and the picture is when they were only four weeks old and we had only found them in the barn the week before. We would go to the barn twice a day with milk and talk to them. Slowly they would come out from the corner, but took sometime for them to come to us. On advise we took them home at five weeks old and become our family. Once home I’m going to buy them a huge fish for supper, and hope they will forgive us for leaving them too long……


4 thoughts on “This is not a walk, it’s a climb!

  1. helen smith

    keep going guys…! you’re SO nearly here – and it will be an amazing experience to look back on. I promise you will laugh and smile when it is all over…and what a thing to experience together… looking forward to hearing all about it over a pint or three when you get back, and your pussy cats will be giving you a HUGE welcome…..lots of love Rich and H H XXXXX


  2. Jerry Edey

    What beautiful kittens ! No wonder you miss them. I am feeling for you now as you must have had enough. You have shown great resilience and commitment. Imagine how home will feel !! Paradise ! Keep going to the end and you will feel a great sense of achievement ………and relief.



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