Walking career started & finished with the SWC!

Well we did it, and NEVER again! You would have thought Saturday May 21st would have been a lovely day weather wise, but oh no of course not we were after all still walking this ‘good at the time’ idea of mine. And yes I will put up my hand and take total blame for the last 48 days of our lives. And yes we have made it home quicker than the original plan, which would have seen us arrive back in the first week of June. So how come we’ve managed to get home so much earlier? When we set off we thought that 10-12 miles would be about the amount to walk each day that wouldn’t wear us out, even on the cliff/hill climbs. But after the first couple of weeks we already had had enough. The weather wouldn’t let up and believe it or not by week three we were bored. Yep, no lie bored. How could we be with all that beautiful landscape, and yes it is beautiful when you can look at it. Very hard to do when you are watching you’re footing, and when it’s yet another day of rain on and off. So we upped the pace, and for the rest of the trip we would do anything between 14-19 miles a day. We were woken at 5.30am by the blackbird that we were sure was following us. On the path by 7am and just carried on going until anything between 6-8pm. Two other things that made this walk hard, from the second week onwards we both have had diarrhoea every few days, and sorry boys but I am going to mention it, I had a period for all but one week. Two things you don’t want happening on a walking trip like this, and not easy to deal with when wild camping. Who would have ever thought that I would be using nappy bags!

Our last day was one of the worst weather days, yep as I have already mention you wouldn’t think for 21st May, but it was. The rain started around an hour after we set off and did not stop all day. That was a first, we had had rain but not all day. Then by the afternoon sea mist and high winds started to join in. We were even wet through to our undies. So you don’t think I’m being a wuss the photo below is our view most of the way home, (the top of the hill is at the top of the photo) some times we couldn’t see more than a few meters in front of us. I couldn’t keep my glasses clear so below is my sight for at least half the 14 miles home.

last day

We got home at 8pm, cold and wet. Peeling off our clothes and had a long hot shower, fell into bed, and for the first time in weeks without our clothes. Then about two or so hours later we both started to have painful cramps. All I can say is I’m so glad I had made the curtains before we left, as we both ended up naked in our living area doing warm down exercises.

Funny thing (there wasn’t many) about the walk we met a number of people walking parts or all the walk like us. They were all enjoying the whole experience (may have something to do with staying in B&Bs every night) they thought it was odd we didn’t, and just wanted to finish it. But they also thought it was weird to have chosen the longest walk in the whole of the UK as a first walk (and now last walk). But hey hoo I’m Aries never one to do things in short measures……


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