My wonderful husband…………..

For all our moaning about the walk, and having spent another night since back home with cramps, I am still a very lucky girl.

I could not have done this walk without the man I married just over a year ago. He really didn’t want to do this walk, and I have lost count on how many times he said ‘There is a reason the wheel was invented’. Apart from doing the Moonwalk in 2013 this challenge for me was the first time I had ever done anything like this, and the last time I had slept in a tent I was about 7-8 at a kids summer camp. So hubby had his work cut out for him even before we left. Nick is NOT a walker, he is a cyclist and over the years has cycled across Canada twice (20 years apart on the same bike) around New Zealand and different routes across the UK, wild camping all the way on those trips. He is ex army, which on a walking trip like SWC is so handy, apart from the days when he forgot I wasn’t one of the troopers!

Four years ago while on his motorbike waiting at a red light, a car ploughed into the back of bike (the driver was on his mobile phone, and didn’t see the traffic light were red) and sent him flying over the car in front waiting at the lights too, hitting his head on that car bonnet before being smashed onto the ground on his hip. The hip has never really repaired, so this walk and carrying a backpack around 30-35 lbs the whole trip has cause him great pain in that hip, and knees as he tried to take the pressure off the hip. Every day he worn support bandages on both legs and at night having to rub Deep heat on them as well, making walking really uncomfortably for him every single day.

I got to know when it was a bad day or good day for him, as when talking to people if bad day he would say ‘This is Caroline’s idea’. If a good day ‘This is my wife’s idea’. A few people since getting home asked how many times did we fell out, I can honestly say we didn’t, yes sometimes crossed words, but never fell out.

The only reason we could have done the walk was all because of Nick, and it has cost him. As self-employed he was able to take the original eight weeks off, but that also meant no money coming in at all while we were on the walk, and he has also funded the whole trip, so every penny that has been donated will go to the charities. Nick also allow me to put his photo up on social media, something he had made clear when we got together that he didn’t like or do.

There are so many another things I could write about my wonderful husband, but I don’t want to embarrass him ( I may not tell him I’ve put this up). But I hope you can see a little of why I said I’m a lucky girl, and if all our years together are like our first then I am the luckiest wife in the whole world……….

PS only one small cloud on the horizon, he has said as the walk was my idea, that means I have to do his challenge when he sets it. HELP!



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