All in the name of charity………..

We did the walk for the above three charities, not for the love of walking, as many of you would have guessed by read our blogs. I would like to send out huge hugs and love to our family and friends who have already kindly donated..THANK YOU XX

I would also like to give a big shout out to perfect strangers along the way who very kindly give to us as well. Thank you Jacqui Joy owner of Mother Meldrums Lynton, we were so cold when we arrived, and you warmed us up in many ways. Customers at The Hunters Inn Justin & Lisa. Maureen at the tea van on Cape Cod…oops meant Cape Cornwall. Andrew owner of the best laundrette ever (Penzance Laundrette) who let us strip off in his shop to wash all our clothes, the only time on the whole trip they had a wash! Sue & Mike Bryant at the Paris Hotel (no worries it is in Cornwall, we didn’t hop over to France for a weekend….I wish) hope you’re keeping yourself healthy. The Alcove in Lyme Regis. Peter & Angela at West Bay. Myra & Barry Fowler at Durdle Door. Dave & Vic through the rain and sea mist on the firing range Lulworth. Also to Mike Hadley and Neil Harding at home. Thank you for your support and encouraging words.

Our charity page is still open, and we would be most grateful if you would take the time (believe me its quicker than doing the walk!) to read why we choose these charities and hope you may be able to donate just a few pounds, as all the money will go straight to the charities, all of the walk costs have been paid by us.

Thank you to all the cafes and pubs that let me charge my phone, huge help when wild camping, and to you dear reader for checking out our blogs, if nothing else I hope they have given you a giggle, and I hope we will be able to giggle about the whole trip one day…………….


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