10 days in….

OK, 10 days down, and I’m way behind on my word count for this years NaNoWriMo. Main issue is as I decided to write up our little stroll we took in April/May, and not writing straight from the head and heart, I’m writing up from my diary of the time. Problem here is you’re not meant to edit while writing, although I’m not really editing, what I have found myself doing is keep checking what we wrote on this blog at the time. As a ‘Picture is worth a thousand words’, I keep looking back on the hundreds of photos I took on the trip too. All in all slowing the writing down. Another turn of events on this book, it has also turned into a bit of a biography, which I didn’t expect, and not sure if I’m happy about that. But like your characters in fiction, you don’t always have control over what they do, or where they go…..


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