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Hello lovely people, I thought it would make sense to use last NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) to write up about the stroll along the SWC path, and it had been slow going due to looking back at photos etc. Then my faithful 10 year old laptop had enough. I think writing up the first weeks of walking worn the old workhorse out, and the laptop checked out so to speak. After a few weeks of research, and purchasing new laptop, it was Christmas time, and no matter how much you try to keep life normal at that time of the year, you never can. Now into 2017, and back writing the book, I have also started a new blog site. I had some lovely comments about this site and thought I would like to carry on blogging, but not walking. As this site really was set up for the walk, I thought I would start a new one due to wanting to cover items I do enjoy doing.

I hope you may like to take a little look, and maybe follow that one as well. The new site is

I will continue to update this site about anything to do with the walk and book. Many thanks again for your support, following, and hope you continue


Caroline x




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