First draft finished.

Loaded up with backpacks.

Ahead of schedule I’ve finished the first draft on the book of our walk around the South West Coast Path this time last year. At the moment, it’s just over 50,000 words, that is from the journal I kept on the walk.  Next part is to add the information only in the blogs we wrote along the way. I hadn’t planned on writing the walk up into a book. However, over the last year I’ve read three books by people that have walked the path, and one by a lady who walked the whole of Great Britain’s coastline. She’s the only female I have yet found that has written a book about walking the coast including SWC path. The other books I’ve read and seen have all been by men.

A few steps of the many we climbed.

There have been many women that have walked the whole path, and many on their own. There have been many that have done a far bigger walk than me, and I salute them. But as yet I haven’t found another female that has wild camped the South West Coast Path, and I’m not sure many couples have done it together, especially over their first wedding anniversary. I’ve always wanted to be writer, and thought this would be a good project for a first book.

‘Dinosaur eggs’…..

As I never planned on writing this experience into a book, there are several parts I didn’t include in the journal, or blogs. I did include where we camped, people we met, how bad or good the weather was, our moods, how many miles and steps covered per day. The pieces I hadn’t included were places we walked through that did interested me and I didn’t write much about them, only a small reference. I’m making a list of them, and planning on spending a week back along the path, by car this time, to collect that information to add to the book. I hope to get the third or fourth draft completed by October/November this year for a few of my friends to read it, to make comments, point out my bad grammar, repeating myself, or not making sense etc. Once my road trip research has been added, I think the book will be around 100,000 to 120,000 words. Would like to finish it by the second anniversary of the start of the walk. So I better crack on then….

Pins keeping me company on every word typed.

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