Jam or cream first, that is the question……

Wetherspoon’s cream tea


Today is National Cream Tea Day, with the usual debate jam or cream first on the scone?

I personally like jam first, mainly as I think it is easier to put the jam on the scone, then a dollop of clotted cream. That is also important to a true cream tea, must be clotted cream. Whipped or thick double cream won’t cut the mustard (which is great in cheese scones).

I used to own tearooms in the Garden of England, and our most popular order was the cream teas. The scones were freshly made each morning, our cream tea always came with a fruit and plain scone. Traditionally cream teas are served with strawberry jam, but I felt a little sweet with the cream, we replaced it with blackcurrant jam. The sharpness of the currant complimented the sweetness of the cream.

On a first visit most customers were surprised at this choice, and apart from one who insisted on strawberry, it became one of the reasons people came to us as their choice for a cream tea.

Although we have walked the South West Coast path taking in the coastlines of Cornwall and Devon, I only had one cream tea during the whole time.

Most of the places we stopped I felt the cream teas were expensive, especially as most served only one scone. As I didn’t have any recommendations of the best places to enjoy one, I was worried that I would order and not enjoy it. Yes, it is possible not to enjoy a cream tea, if the scone is not fresh, the jam is cheap and the cream is not clotted.

We were only a day away from leaving South Devon, and felt that I should have at least one. It would have been odd not too after spending over five weeks in the land of cream teas.

We had stopped at a Wetherspoon’s, and ordered one.

Verdict: not the best I have even had, but not bad for the price.

Happy #NationalCreamTeaDay may the debate continue while we enjoy this lovely afternoon treat…..


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