Summer ends, writing starts….again….

Pins and Needles still keeping me company.

Well, that was a busy summer (yes, we did have one) but it didn’t include me writing unfortunately. Now it’s time to crack on again with the book on the walk, before it becomes a too distant memory. Although, not much chance of that as hubby is still smarting over it. He keeps reminding me that it wasn’t worth the pain, time and money it took us to complete. In one way he is right, we didn’t raise as much money for the three charities we hoped, and ‘walk’ has become a four-letter word to him.

I did take a brave move at the being of the summer. The first six thousand I drafted around five times until I was happy with it, and gave it to a retired London publisher to read. Then spend a nervous week waiting to hear from him. When I did, he was very kind to me, and I was pleasantly surprised. There wasn’t as much red ink on the pages as I thought there would be. His main points where I needed more white space, and sometimes my tenses are wrong.

Paragraphs easy to fix, and did. My tenses however, another thing. It is something that I have always had a problem with, right back to my first writing course when it was picked up, (and I’m sure there are plenty in my blogs). I try so hard to spot them, but they still turn up.

I’m not a natural writer, although it is something I have always wanted to do.

But I am someone that will keep trying and most importantly keep learning, and have signed up for another writing course this autumn term.


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